Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial : Dreamy Innocent Girl Look

A few days ago, when I was browsing through this DST Gallery Standouts, I came across this layout by saskia and couldn't stop drooling in front of it :). Oh, that dreamy innocent girl look... such bright blue eyes and pinkish-white soft skin. I really want to learn to duplicate the effect and apply it on my layout. There you see... what kind of pathetic copy cat I am... hiks....

I tried to PM saskia and asked her, but she hasn't answered back. So, I turned to the only person, whose tutorials are very precious to me, Rachel aka Harmonystar.

And amazingly, only after a few hours after I sent the email she has written back to me. She said :

I'm so pleased that you asked. I actually think that for the example above a filter or professional made action may have been used, but lets see if I can get you close to your desired effect without spending money.

On my Face It tutorial here: I did go over some eye enhancements to make eyes more blue, you use the curves and raise the blue curve. I've continued to learn a lot since doing this tutorial and instead of using the unsharp mask on the eyes I now use Filter - Other - High Pass Just on the eyes. It's a little more natural but very similar.

Anyhow, onto the skin. I don't know how familiar you are with photoshop but you can duplicate the picture, then use filter-blur-gaussian blur this will make your whole photo blurry so next you want to add a mask, paint the whole mask black, then with a soft white brush paint over the skin parts you want smooth, staying away from any details. If the blur is too much you can lower the opacity.

Hope that helps. if the skin thing is confusing to you you can search google for photoshop skin smoothing tutorial and will probably come up with several.

Good luck! I love that look!

Wow... Using this trick from Rachel and the last tutirial on changing eyes color, I came up with this :



Phew, this is surely the most complicated photo retouch I've ever learned.... I know it's not perfect but at least I know how to get it done :). And then, I used Winter Land kit by Marie H Design which is perfect for this is the layout. I uploaded this layout in Desember Sugar Swap challenge at Ginger Scrap.

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