Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial : All about Eyes

Like I said before, I'll try to learn at least 1 tutorial per week to enhance my technique. This time I'm focusing myself on PHOTO EDITING tutorials. I have a confession to make.... I always want to have green eyes. Hahaha... Because I can't get them in real life (unless I buy contact lenses of course :), so why not try to re-touch my photo then! Here are some great tutorials by I found in You Tube :  

Photoshop CS5 Multi Eye Colour Tutorial 

And these are some comments that I found helpful :

Q : Every tutorial i see is with blue eye... How can I change the color in a dark eye without looking weird?
A : You could always try desaturating the eye and then try it, to do that use the same selection process or even use the pen took to select the eye, and then press ctrl + shift +u to desaturate it, then colour the eye as normal by using the gradient if you want a multi colour eye like in this vid or by using the hue/saturation if you want a one colour eye, to get the hue/saturation up press ctr l+ u , ill send you message on another way coz this message is to long lol

Q : Every tutorial I watch people say "press Q" but nothing ever happens when I press it. What is the alternate command to that??? Thanks!
A : When you press q, it is the short cut key to the quick mask, to use it you need to press the paint brush tool and you can paint red which is the mask and then you press q again and it makes a selection where you have painted the quick mask, hope this helps :o) 

Photoshop CS5 Rainbow Eye Colour Tutorial

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