Friday, August 31, 2012

Marie H Designs : Creative Hands (30 August)

Marie is BACK....! How I miss scrapping with her stuff :). My favorite part of this artsy kit is the alpha! I've never seen this kind of alpha before, you definitely must have it... It contains : 5 plain papers, 7 patterned papers, 2 flowers, 4 brush strokes, 3 crayons, 3 spots, 2 borders, 1 brushes and cup, 1 button, 1 crayon border, 1 doodle, 1 easel, 1 felt triangle, 1 frame, 1 glue, 1 glue stain, 1 leaf, 2 paint brushes, 1 rainbow, 1 painted frame, 1 paints, 2 pencils, 2 ribbons, 2 ricracs, 1 round frame, 1 scissors, 1 square felt, 1 star, 1 straight ribbon, 1 lower case alpha in 2 different colors. If you buy it now, you can save 75% from $3.99 to only $1.00. What a bargain!

Oh yeah, I actually use the tutorial on how to turn a photo into a sketch here. Voila...

Ginger Scraps : Life Captured : August by Pixelily Design (31 August)

I've been procrastinating on making this page of Acha reciting Quran. By the time I finally set my heart to make a page with this kit, she's already forgotten it! It's lucky that I managed to record her months ago, so at least I can listen to her again. Adin helped me with the source since Acha didn't know which part of the Quran she has read. My son is a genius... he googled it and he found it :). Yaaay... Thanks Mas Adin!

Zig Zag Scrap : Autumn Journal by Jen Maddocks Designs (29 August)

This kit really stole my attention when I browsed the ZZS forum! The choices of papers are just MAGNIFICENT! So rich... I just have to grabbed it before other CTs snag it! Yeah... I got it :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tutorial : How to turn PHOTOS into CARTOONS

Tutorial : How to turn PHOTOS into PAINTINGS's super fast and easy :). The steps are :
  1. Duplicate the photo layer (Ctrl J). 
  2. Desaturate it to turn it into black and white (Ctr Shift U) & duplicate it again (Ctrl J). 
  3. Invert the upper layer (Ctrl I) and chang the blending mode into COLOR DODGE. 
  4. Go to FILTER > BLUR > GAUSSIAN BLUR  and set the RADIUS. 
  5. Double click the BG layer to free it and move it to the top. 
  6. Change the blending mode into LINEAR BURN and set the FILL into 90%. 
  7. You can use BURN tool too part of the photo you want to darken.
This is what I experimented using this tutorial. I'm amaze of how quick I change the photo into the painting. I always thought that it would take more complicated steps to reach this result. So happy.... :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ginger Scraps : Happy Homebody collab from North Meets South and Think Straight Template Pack by Blue Heart Scraps

Are you a new homeowner? Did you just move to a new home (or are you moving soon)? Are you getting to know some new neighbors? Or are you just a homebody and proud of it? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you just might need Happy Homebody, the latest collab from North Meets South Studios. This kit is a beauty, done in a gorgeous palette of red, blue, green, gold, brown and cream - with a homey, slightly "lived in" touch. It's packed with adorable house elements, lots of flowers and hearts and will lend a warm, cozy feeling to all your pages about making yourself at home. This full kit contains 16 richly patterned papers and 7 coordinating, textured solids (all 300dpi, JPG format), plus 56 total elements and 1 unicase alpha with numbers and common punctuation (all 300dpi, PNG format). Approved for personal use, Scrap4Hire/Scrap4Others, too.

The elements included in this kit are as follows: 1 bow, 1 curly ribbon, 1 curly string, 1 crocheted border, 1 butterfly, 7 buttons, 2 frames, 1 felt heart, 6 assorted flowers, 7 assorted houses, 1 blank journal tag, 1 key with bow, 1 paper border/piece, 1 quilt, 1 straight ribbon, 1 blank street sign (with and without post), 1 twig, 2 trees, 7 rub-on/stamp circle frames, 1 "things I love about home" journal card, and 10 assorted wordart pieces. The alpha is provided as both individual characters and in alpha sheet format.

During the fasting month, around July - August, we just renovated our home. I asked Teteh Lilis' father from Malangbong to help out. He is a builder. So, he helped painting the whole house including the fence and stairs, changed the leaking tiles in both upper bathrooms, repaired the leaking roof, put on new tiles in the kitchen and backyard and build  mini garden!. Finally, 3 days before Idul Fitri the job was done :). And.... this is the new look also using a new template that will be released on 31 August by Blue Heart Scraps :

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ginger Scraps : Home Cookin' by Connie Prince

Aa Asep and Teteh Lilis has gone home to Garut this Saturday. I was busy finishing layouts before Idul Fitri arrived the next day when I heard the girls shouting from the kitchen. They were assisting their dad cooking the last fasting break meal which was Cheese Fried Rice and Noddle Scramble Egg. At the same time, I found the Home Cookin' kit by Connie Prince. Yaay, what a match made in heaven.... I always love Connie Prince's collection of Word Arts, especially this one... just perfect!

Sst, I'm not really into cooking in the real life. I prefer collecting cooking and baking theme kits. Can you believe that I've already collect 5 kits from different designers : Marie H Designs, Galerie de Jackie, Aprilisa Designs, Meta Wulandari Designs and Connie Prince. No sign of stopping yet even though I haven't use some of them in my layouts :)

Project 365 : Week 33 - August 2012

A lot had happened this week. I took so many pictures, I had to find a template with lots of photos on it :) . I used combination of kits in GS and ZZS.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Project 365 : Week 32 - August 2012

You know what? I fell in love with the... BORDERS!!! Especially the one with the bus on it. I thought it would be perfect to scrap Alyssa and Acha's Pesantren Kilat Ramadhan event in their school. The color  of this kit is so colorful... love it! I also adore the papers with colorful school subjects written on them. They are really perfect for background! Here is my page for week 32 :

Project 365 : Week 31 - August 2012

A mega huge and mega awesome collab from the ZZS designers inspired by the movie Grease and the 1950's! It will be so much fun to scrap with this one, just look at that fresh and lovely color palette and there's so may elements and papers, wordarts and wordstrips to work with! Plus some stunning templates to help you get started! Woot! Included are: 56 papers, 79 unique elements, 9 wordarts / strips, 1 layout template
1 hybrid card template. Note : this kit that is given FREE with every 10 dollar or more purchase during July and August! So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab it fast!

Project 365 : Week 30 - July 2012

I tried scrapping my project 365 with templates from ZZS. Here is the result for the Week 30. This week, the kids continued their fasting journey amazingly. I think because they went to school until 2 o'clock and took a nap after that, they didn't really feel hungry, only thirsty. But they were very excited waiting fro fasting break time. Tajil had to be ready on the table! They loved eating coconut ice and papaya jelly ice. Yummy...

I also used Button and Tiles from Travel Notebook Collab - The Bundle by t for me designs and Val C. Designs and Papers from "Going Places" collab BUNDLE by Angelle and Erica Zwart Designs