Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wilma4Ever : MedicalClinic by Galerie de Jackie

Jackie is one of my favourite designer. As you can see, I used her kits constantly because they are gorgeous and really suitable for my fantasy scrapbooking style madness recently...

This time, I use photos of the children in Kidzania (again!!!). They were trying to be dentists and nurses. Looking at those pictures with their cute outfit, it would be such a shame if I didn't turn it into memorable pages. When I browsed Jackie's list of product at Wilma4Ever and I came across this MedicalClinic kit, I new this one is the perfect one to pick.

The graphics of this kit have been assembled by La galerie de Jackie. These elements are only for your personal use and the kit contains :
3 poser ©cute n toonz
94 beautifuls element, 300 dpi, png format, 7 papers
not all items shown
You can get the kit here for only $1.80 for the whole month of November 2011. So quickly, grab it while the sale still last.

I love the various kind of medical elements she put in her kit. Pills, stethoscope, blood pressure measurement, plaster, bandage and so many of them... It's perfect for creating cluster around pictures. This kit even has a door, sofa, table and chair to build a blue waiting room for a fantasy style page. Wow, it's like a dream comes true.... Not to mention the variety of frames and 3 cute poser included. I'm so excited to work with this kit!

So, these are two pages I made with the kit. I took the pictures with the camera from my mobile phone, so the quality were not too good. But, I hope the papers and elements around them can help making the pictures pop....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wilma4Ever : Unicorn Fantasy

This is another fantastic kit by Wilma4ever. You can get it here for only $3, since November is the store's 2nd birthday. So, grab it while it still last...

Wilma said, "This kit is made when I got a special request from one of my customers, she wanted to have something with Unicorns. Also she liked the blue and purple....so here is the result!"

This kit turned out in 22 papers and 100 elements, I think it can be used for any kind of scrapbooking project. The elements in this kit are very various, so it's ideal to scrap photo's from your children, grandchildren, pet's,
but also wedding photo's etc will showed up great with this kit.

There are a lot of flowers, sparkle's, clusters, frames, landscene's and other elements like a house, an umbrella, a barrel, a seesaw, benches, pearls, leaves, an elf, a fairy, a broom....just name it and it's in there!

And these are 2 pages that I made with this kit using Arumi's (my niece) bee pictures and Acha (my daughter) when she was only 1 year old at her auntie's wedding.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wilma4Ever kits : Christmascookies and IslandMagic by Galerie de Jackie

Galerie de Jackie at Wilma4Ever had just releases some new fabulous kits. They are currently on 60% sale due to Wilma4Ever's 2nd Birthday. So, you can grab them only for $1.60 each. What a deal... Here are some of the kits that I played with :


Monday, November 21, 2011

Finding A Scrapbooking Style


Flip through a scrapbooking magazine and you’ll see a variety of different scrapbook styles. Some layouts will look clean and simple, others will be layered with patterned papers and embellishments. Some might have a funky, retro look while others look vintage and old-fashioned. With all the diverse looks you’ll find in a single magazine, what’s the one thing they have in common? It’s a certain scrapbooking style.

What is Scrapbooking Style?
What do we mean by “scrapbooking style”? It’s simply the fashion of the page. It’s the look, the feel and the mood. It might be clean and simple, or funky, romantic or trendy.
So, what are some different types of scrapbooking styles? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular:
click here to view large image

scrapbook project

Classic/Clean & Simple: Think minimalist. Generally the photos are cut into squares or rectangles, and placed on solid paper backgrounds or papers with tried-and-true patterns like stripes, plaids, dots or flowers. Embellishments are kept to a minimum, but used effectively—a few brads, maybe, or a metal clip at the corner of the photo. You’ll find contemporary colors like red, blue, yellow and green. The photo and journaling stand out; often, there’s only one photo, and it’s a very large element on the page. The clean, simple background is great for photos with lots of color and images. It’s ideal for kids photos and formal portraits like weddings and anniversaries. It’s also a nice option for when you just don’t know what style to use!

click here to view large image

scrapbook project
Ephemera: This is the polar opposite from our Classic/Clean & Simple look. These pages are eclectic and include lots of different products, often arranged in a collage style. Papers are richly patterned, and usually the page will combine two or more patterned papers (often in darker colors like brown, gray and black), plus metal embellishments like brads and clips. You’ll see mixed fonts and lots of journaling. Elements are placed at an angle or overlapping. It’s not a messy look—it’s one that’s loaded with lots of texture, color and interest. It’s perfect for masculine photos, heritage pictures and travel pages. Black and white photos also look great with this style.

click here to view large image

scrapbook project
Vintage/Romantic/Shabby Chic: A close cousin to the Ephemera style, this look combines patterned papers and uses lots of embellishments, but also features lighter colors like pale pink, dusty mauve and light blue. It’s a well-worn, well-loved look, often including torn paper, inked edges and chalked paper. You might also find embellishments that look as though they’re straight from your grandmother’s sewing box: Buttons, thread, metal accents and ribbons or fiber. Think of those wrought-iron beds featured in home decorating magazines and you’ll know what I mean. Use this style for any feminine pages, especially heritage. It’s also a great look for travel pages.

click here to view large image

scrapbook project
Retro: Retro is a hot style right now, in just about everything from stationery and gifts to scrapbooking. While “retro” means different things for people of different ages, it’s really reminiscent of the styles from the 1950's through the 1970's. You’ll find lots of pink and black, pink and brown and blue and brown color combinations, plus cool images and shapes like spirals and big flowers. Whether or not you liked it the first time around, the look is much more contemporary now—and teens and kids love it.

How Do I Find a Scrapbooking Style I Like?
How do you find your style? Well, it’s as simple as looking at album pages and taking note of what you find attractive and appealing!

Let’s start with a few page examples. Is it the color combination, the use of embellishments or the way the layout presents the photos? Is it the mood of the page that you like? Then you’ve just discovered something about style. You might find it helpful to jot down these things onto a piece of paper. After a few minutes, you’ll have a nice list of things that appeal to you. It’s a great starting point!

Using Magazines as Examples
Magazines are a great place to look at different scrapbooking styles—but I have to give a piece of advice: Use the layouts in magazines as inspiration, but don’t worry about duplicating the look. What you see in magazines is an extreme example of a certain style. It’s the same thing you find when shopping for clothes. The mannequin at the mall doesn’t just wear jeans and a t-shirt...it’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt plus a jacket, boots, hat, necklace and handbag. It’s featuring all of the newest clothes that fit a certain style. Likewise, a scrapbook page in a magazine features all the products and techniques that show off a certain style.

Can You Have More Than One Style?
Of course—you can use one, two or more different styles! I personally use different styles throughout my scrapbooking.

It all depends on the photo I’m working with at the time. For example, I would never scrapbook photos from the 1900's with a retro look...it wouldn’t match the theme and mood of my pictures. However, I would use retro to scrapbook a photo of my mother wearing a poodle skirt from the 1950's. And when I’m stumped, I can always rely on the classic style. My other trick? If the colors in my photo are making it hard to find a style, I copy them as black and white pictures. Black and white photos are versatile and can fit into any scrapbooking style.

When is my style consistent? I use just one scrapbooking style if I’m creating a mini album on a particular theme or a gift book for consistency. My big family album, however, features all kinds of looks.

Can My Style Change?
Loving a certain style today doesn’t mean you have to scrapbook with that style forever. This year you may love the trendy retro look—next year you might be tired of pink and brown! Or your comfort level might change. Maybe you’re sticking with a clean and simple style until you feel comfortable enough to explore ephemera.

Scrapbooking is also a fashion, and you’ll see new papers, embellishments and styles come and go. Don’t feel locked into a certain style. Scrapbooking lets you play and experiment with the latest trends and colors—and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new wardrobe or painting your living room a new color!

Don’t feel as though your albums must match. After having scrapbooked for almost 10 years, I’ve seen my scrapbooking style change again and again. It’s fun to see…like any hobby or activity, my skills have improved over the years.

Scrapbooking is a hobby, and hobbies shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Choose what appeals to you, enjoy it and keep your mind and heart open to new possibilities!

Discovering Your Scrapbooking Style


Scrapbooking styles aren't yet definable in a truly formal sense. Instead, they're as individual as the scrapbookers themselves, and scrappers are constantly experimenting with new looks and techniques. But to give you a feel for what's going on in the scrapbooking world, here are some general style categories. By looking at them, you might discover which one (or more) of these styles resonates best with your own general style preferences.

You may choose to try a shutterbug, an artist's, or a classical style, or decide instead to use a craft, shabby-chic, heritage, modern, or pop approach. Like other scrapbookers, as you gain experience, you soon adopt and adapt these and many other different looks, and in the process, develop a style that you can call your own.

Adjusting your focus: A spotlight on the photographer

Many people are drawn to scrapbooking because they like taking really good photographs. You can tell by glancing at their albums that the photos are what matter to them. Their pages prioritize the photo or photos, and they tend to accessorize minimally — if at all. The base pages in their scrapbooks may be used more as backgrounds for the photos than for design elements. Plain papers in low-key colors and patterns are the norm, with the photos taking up most of the page real estate.

The photos on the shutterbug scrapbooker's pages aren't necessarily extra large — as many as six or seven smaller photos may be used on a page. Moreover, the photos are of good quality. They're well-lit close-ups or carefully cropped photographs that draw the eye to essential elements in the picture.

If you like the discerning photographer style, you may decide to journal on journaling blocks placed next to the photos on a one- or two-page layout or even do your journaling on a completely separate page. When you make a two-page spread, for example, you can place the photos on the left-hand page and the story (or stories) that go with those photos on the right-hand page. You may even want the journaling entries to be handwritten on paper adhered to a mat over the same base-page paper you used for the left-hand page.

Don't expect to use each and every photograph that you thought would fit well in your album. Choose photos that have the most significance for you and your audience and then count them so you can determine an approximate number of pages you'll be making for that album.

Analyzing the artist

Looking through a scrapbook artist's albums is like taking a stroll through a museum. Artistry, and not mere handicraft, is predominant on the pages. Scrapbookers often use tools and techniques that artists use, including acrylic paints and even watercolors. At the same time, they make certain that their materials are archival-safe.

Scrapbooking manufacturers, following the trend toward fine arts in scrapbooking, have begun repurposing art-supply products like acrylic paints, chalks, watercolors, inks, and colored pencils for the scrapbooker-as-artist design style.

Scrapbook artists who work in the fine-art end of the scrapbook spectrum may reveal their artistic proclivities in a variety of ways. One artist may focus on photo tinting exceptionally lovely black-and-white photographs. Another may concentrate on some aspect of design layout, sketching with pencils, paints, and other tools, doing intricate paper designs, or working with some other innovative technique — anything that fits into the artistic style that has done so much to enhance the reputation of scrapbooking as an art form.

Creating classics

In general, a classic transcends historical fads and fashions. Picture a classic car, identify a classic film, recall the title and tone of a classic novel, or listen to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. As is true in other classical forms, the classical scrapbook style exudes timelessness, aims for a clean, uncluttered look, and uses traditional design elements, such as straight, balanced photo mats and frames (rather than playful, tilted ones), a minimum of accessories, fewer stickers, and often more journaling in black rather than colored inks and in an unpretentious rather than a busy font (if typed) or in clear, precise handwriting. A tasteful page of a scrapbook created in a classical style has a wide, if not universal, appeal that's common with other things classical.

Cropping with the crafty

If you like crafts, craft accouterments, and detail, you'll like the craft style in scrapbooking. Craft-oriented scrapbookers typically include crafting mediums such as wooden charms, yarns, and fabrics on their pages, and they like to use traditional craft techniques such as stitching, paper weaving, and stenciling.

The craft style is about handiwork, about mixing and matching a variety of elements, about light-heartedness, and to some extent, about tapping into an overarching Americana craft tradition that is easier for most of us to recognize than it is to define. A crafter loves to use a gingham-patterned paper and adhere some little wooden slats on top of it to make a picket fence. Often, the crafty page gets its message across more with materials than with journaling and photos, but that depends, of course, on the preferences of the individual scrapbooker.

Doing shabby chic

Shabby-chic albums feel comfortable, cozy, and homey. The look is vintage and worn (the look of old cracked china and furniture that's been lightly sandpapered). Shabby-chic scrappers use plenty of tendrils, flowers, and pastels in the form of papers, stickers, die-cuts, and other embellishments. Torn, stitched, and inked papers are commonly found in these albums, and so are pastel, solid, and patterned papers.

Shabby-chic pages are eclectic and fun. As you can see, the shabby-chic style often features journaling tags, eyelets and laces, chalk techniques, and crumpled papers. Computer-generated fonts that suggest early 20th-century handwriting styles commonly are used for journaling in shabby-chic scrapbook layouts.

Handling the heritage style

Personal-history (featuring one person) and family-history albums are considered heritage albums and make use of the design elements typically used in the heritage scrapbook style. Personal-history heritage albums differ from illustrated family-history albums in that they include more than just the facts and basic photos, but both include birth, marriage, and death dates of ancestors and other family members. Personal-history albums instead only imply heritage through design, themes, memorabilia, and other scrapbook elements in addition to the photos. Colors tend to be muted rather than bright, and designs include crinkled papers, pieces of lace, and other materials that suggest age and historical context.

Because a personal-history heritage album contains all the information you can garner about someone's life, journaling is more extensive than in the more recordlike, illustrated family history, or family tree, album. Whenever possible, use your own handwriting and choose the highest quality papers and journaling pens with black pigment-based ink.

Making it modern

Albums in the modern style often demonstrate interesting uses of lines and shapes. Think of modern furniture with sparse lines or of modern art that relies heavily on hard edges and geometric shapes and angles to create its images. In a modern scrapbook layout, the designs look clean and usually are executed with a few well-placed lines or shapes. The modern look in scrapbooking tends to include geometric shapes, angular lines, and bold colors.

As you'd expect, accessories are downplayed (if used at all) on a modern scrapbook page. Journaling, however, may be another matter. Again, scrapbookers who prioritize journaling always find ways to incorporate it, even on modern pages. They may, for example, tuck a folded sheet of journaled text into a sleek, geometrical page pocket they've adhered to their modern layouts.

Playing with pop

Pop style is what you might expect — edgy, fun, contemporary, with plenty of little metal doodads (like eyelets and brads) punched through the papers. Pop scrapbookers use the newest and most innovative products — metal frames and charms, fibers, beads, brads, and buttons.

Some pop scrapbook stylists (emphasize some) tend to minimize journaling text on their pages, replacing the words that tell their stories with symbols and images — a tendency that we generally associate with the image-based pop culture. A pop scrapper may, for example, use a miniature metal baseball and bat to emphasize and symbolize the importance of the pastime instead of writing extensively about it. These techniques and embellishments attract people (by the droves) to the pop scrapper's pages.

Winter Nights and Huggables by Marie H Designs

Marie H Designs has just launched 2 new kits :

"First of all I have a mini kit that was presented as Participation prize for my first Speed Scrap ever at Ginger Scraps. This mini kit contains 5 papers and 19 elements."

"I have also this new kit called Huggables. This kit is so dear to me and I am sure you will adore it. This kit was created for all the children we have or know that loveeeeeeeeeees their blankie, stuffed animals and of course pacifier. "
You can get it at 40 % off for a limited time at

And these pages I created for those 2 new kits :

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Siggy

I created new siggy as a CT for Marie H Designs and Wilma4ever.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

DSD Weekend Deals in The Studio and Ginger Scraps

Wow, it's been a busy weekend... Why, because it's Digital Scrapbooking Day! This is the second year for DSD which is celebrated every first week of November. As I only join The Forum and Ginger Scraps so I concentrated myself to what they're throwing to celebrate DSD.

The Studio started a special DSD thread with 2 programs :

1. Scrap-Athlon which basically a series of Speed Scraps hosted by The Studio Designer. It is held from 3pm - 10pm EST, and every hour different designers will give links to their kit to be used on our design. The prize is November Thankful Mega collaboration kit by designers. I didn't join this because unfortunately the time was not good. 3 pm EST means 2 am WIB! I didn't want to wake up all night just to do Speed Scrap. More over, Sunday is Idul Adha so I have to wake up early for my prayer. So, I had to pass this one....

2. Granting Wishlist
What we have to do is just go to the SHOP and put our desirable kits into the wish list, then come back to the thread to sign up. I put a lot of stuff in my wish list and just now, I got an email like this :
Hi Nadia, one of your wishes has been granted, you can "buy" digilicious' kit Pickles and Icecream Kit. Just use this coupon code: WLe82cxxxx, expires: Nov 30th 2011.

I'm so happy... This is the second time I got coupon from The Studion. The first one was when I won The Studio LOTW 2 weeks ago...

I think, I'm gonna scrap my old pregnancy photos with this kit. It will be perfect....

Ginger Scraps threw more exciting programs. From 40% sale, challenges with prizes until various kind of Speed Scrap. Since Friday, I've been doing as many pages as possible, including my CT duties for Marie H Designs on her new DSD Grab Bag 4 Seasons I did earlier. I finished 3 LO's for Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. For the Spring season, I used it to finish Template Challenge this morning after finishing Speed Scrap with Marie.

Since yesterday, my eyes were glued to computer. Stand by the computer with opened FORUM window. Checking if out of nowhere designers post a thread. Most of them offer to grant a kit wishes by 3 lucky participants. So, all we have to do was to check their stores first and pick which kit we wished to have and then post it to the thread. The rest, just wait patietnly until .... if we're lucky, they would PM us to give out the winning new. I think, I've posted 4-5 thread since yesterday. Looking forward to winning some of it....

Other scrapbooking terms that I've just found out is RAK which stands for Random Act of Kindness given by designers. It's like giving 3 wishes, or discount coupon, or giving prize for wearing their blinkie.  

You know what, I've finished 5 pages today! 3 for challenges and 2 for speed scrap. Here are my pages today :

This one is for Speed and Scrap with Marie H (Kit : Country Boy by Marie H Design)

11.05.11 Speed Scraps with Marie H designs 9 PM Eastern time (Bandung time : 08.00 AM WIB the next day)

Step 1 : Take 2 papers of your choice. Take one for your background and cut a 10x6 in rectangle (3000 x 1800) to place it on the bottom half of your layout.
Step 2 : Frame or photomate your 2 photos on that you place on your smaller paper and that you overlap one over the other a bit.
Step 3 : Cluster 2 sides of your smaller paper with a minimum of 6 different elements. It can be only 2 half not full sides and you can duplicate them.
Step 4 : Place at least 1 ribbon and 2 elements around the photos.
Step 5 : Place a title with at least 1 word bigger than the other(s)

This one is for Speed and Scrap with Connie Prince (Papers and Buttons : Duckling Rain by Marie H, Frames and Elements : Sea Creatures by Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage Design)

This one is for Template Challenge (Kit : Spring Grab Bag by Marie H Design)

This one is for Recipe Challenge (Kit : Country Boy & Duckling Rain by Marie H Design)

This one is for Scraplift Challenge 
(Kit : Winter Grab Bag by Marie H Design, Bubbles : Duckling Rain by Marie H Designs)

Yippe.. I've got my wish granted  by Luv Ewe Designs :
Thanks for filling up your wish list!  Here is a code for you to grab "Now Showing!"  This code expires 11/13.  And the code is led_DSDxxxxxxx.  Thanks and have a great day!

It's a perfect kit to start doing New Batch challenge. I've been longing to re-do the Kungfu Panda movie lay out. And now I can....

And these two are my other pages for 2 last Speed Crap sessions :


Speed Scrap with Kathy Winter -- Sunday 1:00 pm EST

Step 1: Chose 2 background papers both solid to create a stacked background. But if you have the skills to blend, then blend a patterned and solid paper together as 1 of your papers for a unique affect. This can be accomplished with your eraser tool set as a brush and then "brushing" away sections of the solid paper to show the patterned paper placed beneath. You might want to experiment with different brushes so you don't erase away too much.

Step 2: Chose 1 or 2 photos and crop in a circle to create a photo cluster anywhere on your layout.

Step 3: Add 5 - 6 flowers to your cluster along with other living elements like animals, bugs, leaves. The more the merrier when it comes to a photo cluster to really make it eyepopping.

Step 4: Incorporate some string or winding ribbons through out your cluster.

Step 5: Incorporate some fasteners, like buttons, staples, tape, or brads anywhere on your layout.

Step 6: Use at least 1 alpha (not a font) to create a title for you layout.

Step 7: Shadow, date and add anything else you think your layout might need! That's it your done.

The layouts need to be posted in the thread by 1:00 PM EST on Monday to qualify for the coupon code. Everyone that completes the challenge will receive a PM on Monday afternoon with coupon code for $5.00 to her store.

11-6-11 Speed Scrap 10pm Eastern with Statements by Jodi

Step 1 : Choose 6 photos
Step 2 : Choose 3 background papers and place them however you like on your LO.
Step 3 : Cut your photos into 2 different shapes. Ex I have 4 cut in circles and 2 cut in squares.
Step 4 : Line your photos up going across the top of bottom, or down the left or right side.
Step 5 : Cluster under and around (even a little on top if you like) the photos.
Step 6 : Add one more cluster away from the photos and clustering around the photos. (I have mine in a corner.)
Step 7 : Add a title, journaling (even just a couple lines you don't have to go crazy with the journaling) and a date (I just have the year as my date).

We have an hour to finish up our LO and put it into the speed scrap gallery. The surprise prize is the template of her LO AND a $5 coupon to her store!

And for participating in all 4 Speed and Scrap events I've got presents!

This is the first email I got from Ginger Scraps :

I want to tell you first how happy I am to see all your amazing layouts and even if I was scared at first for my first Speed Scrap I can tell you that it won't be the last one.

You have all successfully turned out your layout so here is a coupon to grab your participation prize.

coupon : PPssxxxx
valid until Nov 30th

Have a great day !!


The next day, I got three more emails :

From Jodi : Thank you for playing with my last night!  I had fun.  You girls had me laughing so hard.  Here is your prize!  And I received a free template from her.

From Connie Prince : Thank you so much for participating in my DSD Speed Scrap!  Hopefully you had fun chatting & creating your layout :)

I've created a code for you to use in my store ($2 off) and you are welcome to use it on any order, no minimum purchase required.

My sale runs through 11/8 so if you shop now you should be able to get something free or super discounted!

expires: 11/14
Code:  SS-xxxx
$2 off any order

So, I use the coupon to buy this Monthly Paper titled It Happened This Year for $1,79.

From Kathy Winter :
Thank you so much for participating in my first ever speed scrap on Sunday.  I had a lot of fun chatting and getting to know you all.  :)  Here is the coupon code for your completed layout.

*kwd_SS#1xxxx*  expires 11.15.2011 

The code is good for $5.00 off in my store, which by the way is still at 40% off through today so you can get a little bang for your buck if you hurry.  Enjoy!

So, I chose these 2 lovely kit and finish off my coupon!
Plus, for finishing Recipe Challenge hosted by Kathy Winter, she sent me this :
Thank you for participating in this months challenge.  Great job on your layout. 

I've entered 2 Cookie Jar points and your coupon code for the Got Gratitude WA pack is below.

kwd_11RCxxxx  expires 12-15-2011

And because you completed your layout during DSD weekend, I have also forwarded your userid for the $40 coupon Grab Bag. :)


Saturday, November 5, 2011


I also learned how to make AVATAR and SIGNATURE to put in Ginger Scraps and The Studio.
I used Sweet Cookin Boy kit by Marie H Designs.


Oh yeah, these are the two kits I recently worked on from Marie H Designs : 

  They are perfect for all old pictures of the kids at school and while making cupcakes and cookies.

Templates Passion 2 by Marie H Designs

I created some LO's with Marie's template passion vol2 :


I used Marie H Designs kit Sweet Cookin Boy.

I used Marie H Designs kit Crazy Love.

My Own NOVEMBER Lay Out : Fairies & 10 Years of Adin's Life

These are some LO that I created on the end of October and early November. I used new kits I bought from Wilma 4 Ever by Puddicat Creations. I was a bit compulsive last time.... hahaha....

The last LO is an exception. I made it as a remembrance of my son 10 years life. I used Marie H Designs kit called Little Man World. I spent 5 hours making it. Can you believe it? Why did it take so long? That's probably the combination of picking photos from hundreds of them in my collection. Plus the time I lost because I accidentally closed the file before saving it... Silly me. Usualy it took 2 hours to do a LO....

Ginger Scraps NOVEMBER Challenges

As usual I joined GS Challenges. I followed some challenges :

1.   Inspiration November 1-15
This challenge is hosted by Marie. She said, " For the first part of the month I want you all to think about shapes.. photo shapes. We often use either round or squared photo but with all the shapes out there we tend to forget about them. So for this month challenge I want you all to try to create a layout with a photo or more that are from a shape other than circle or square."
And this is what I made : 
2.   November 1-15 Template Challenge
Crystal is hosting her first challenge at Ginger Scraps! She said "I don't know about you but I LOVE to cluster when I scrap. The more clustering the better! So...I have created a template for you with lots of clustering. I can't wait to see what you create with it!"
I haven't done this challenge, but next week I'll do it for sure. Wait for the posting here! 

3.   November 2011 - Technique Challenge
Laura here hosting for her first technique challenge. She said," I thought I would make this fun and super easy for everyone so I provided a mini-kit for you to use. Your challenge is to use all the pieces in this kit on your layout and post in our gallery! Be sure to post your layout/link in this thread so we can give you credit and leave you some sugar."
And this is what I created with her Spice kit : 
 4.   November 2011 Recipe Challenge
Rache said, "Welcome to the November Recipe Challenge. As we enter into the month of Novembers and the holiday season fast approaching, I thought it might be nice to add a small twist to your recipe this month. I'd like the theme of your layout to be something you are thankful for in your life. We recently experienced a loss in my family with the passing of my Father-In-Law and since it's the first death we've had to deal with in years, it just got me to thinking about how precious life is and how important it is to acknowledge the things you are thankful for on a regular basis. Not matter how big or how small.
In this challenge, you must include the following items in your layout. You are, of course, welcome to include more but your layout must follow the recipe.

Here’s the formula:
·         Layout theme is something you are thankful for
·         2 photos minimum
·         5 papers (2 solid and 3 patterned)
·         word "thankful" spelled out with an alpha
·         1 circle (can be clipped to a piece of paper or photo cropped in the shape)
·         3 flowers
·         2 leaves
·         1 ribbon and 1 string
·         1 fastener (staple, pin, tape, paperclip, etc.)

When you have completed your layout, please post it here along with a link to the gallery so that I may view your credits for proper cookie jar points.

75% or more GS products = 2 cookie jar entries
less than 75% GS products = 1 cookie jar entries

Everyone that participates in this challenge will receive a coupon to purchase the wordart pack Got Gratitude for free."
Wow, I really want to get the freebies, so I'll work and it for sure.....

5. November Makeover Challenge
Rachel is hosting this challenge and she said "If you want to play along pick out an older layout that your not really in love with and give it a make over use a new kit, or style, add more photos, remove photos, the change is up to you i can't wait to see your layouts!!"

I haven't done this yet....

6. November Scraplift
Jodi said, "I have been looking through kandiced's gallery and I love her style! So This month we are going to scraplift one of her LO's. You can scraplift any of her LO's in her gallery but I am going to give a few examples and if you want to use one of them feel free. "

I haven't done this yet.... But this is the LO that I want to work :