Monday, December 26, 2011

OKC Sweet Little Girl by Chris' Scrap

This is my 3rd OKC from DST. The kit is called Sweet Little Girl by Chris' Scrap. You can get in here or here. This kit is so pink and suitable for scrapping baby girl photos. It has 10 papers and many cute elements like baby dress, socks, shoes, dolls, hat, purse and a wooden rocking horse.

Pink is not my cup of tea, but well I thought I could give it a try :). Seeing my layout using Acha and Adin's baby pictures made Alyssa felt a bit left behind. She asked me to work with her baby photos too. So, this is it... Wait until you see it, Ally....


  1. Hi!! Thanks for your post here, and i'm happy you enjoy to play with my kit!!.your layout is simply.. lovely!!thanks... just a little thing.. in the scrap's world, my name is Chris' Scrap...(Chrisdesign is my old name..)..could you correct it please?? scuse for the inconvenient , i'm going to Dst to change my profile...:) :)kisses

  2. OK Chris... no problem... I'll change it right away :)