As a newbie, I found myself browsing for Photoshop tutorials to help me improve my technique. I think, the best way to do this is not by Googling (because the amount of tutorials you can found here are truly overwhelming and confusing.... ). Instead, I've joined several Digital Scrapbooking Forums and looked up their Tutorial Section. I found that Ginger Scraps Tutorial worked best for me. So, here are the links for the most useful tutorials I've learned so far :

Photo Editing Tutorials

Photos are the heart of your work. So, make sure you have perfect pictures before you start anything else. Some tutorials here can help to enhance the images in your pictures.

1. So you think you know Black & White?
One of the first things you probably learned to do in your editing program was how to turn a picture black and white. This is often done with a desaturate command or converting to gray scale. Your software then converts the colors in the picture to corresponding shades of gray. Next

2. Every Day Photos
Steps to make your every day photos pop up. Next

3. Clone it out!
So you get that great photo! Everyone is finally smiling the sun is just right, but uncle Fred just walked through the background! Grr. Well today I'm going to teach ya how to fix those backgrounds so they do your perfect picture justice! Next

4. Changing Color
If you're a seasoned digi scrapper you probably know how to change the color of elements and paper and anything like that right? What about on a photo? Here I'm going to show you a few ways to change it up. Next

5. Face It
I know you're all lovely and you're children are all lovely, but sometimes those close-ups show our not so lovely side. In this tutorial I will teach you how to touch up those face close ups. Remember the key to face touch ups to make them look natural. Next

6. Sunlight & Shadow
The photographer in us knows that it is unwise to take pictures when the sun is at it's highest and shadows at their sharpest, but the human in us knows that life doesn't care what the lighting is and happens anyway. You can play with levels and contrasts all you want but this is going to take some more tricky hands on work. Why? Next

7. Size it Up
We're going to talk about resizing. Basic right? Well it is, but let me throw in a few helpful tips to making your photos the right size and shape without stretching or squishing or losing too much quality. Next

8. Cut it Out!
I will cover the basics of extracting nothing too fancy, as I said those require seperate tutorials in themselves, I will show several ways to do it so other program users still can participate. Next

9. Blend it like you Mean it!
There is so many options when it comes to photo blending, not to mention layout blending. Here I'm just going to mention a few of my favorite blending techniques. I will be using Adobe Photoshop CS4, but I know most programs have blending options. Next

10. Hair Today, Gone tomorrow?
I'll tell you right now I love extracting, but not so fond of extracting hair. Fortunately my little boy usually makes it easy for me, but what if you have a sweet curly haired girl? or that fluffy pooch? I'll show you just a few of the many ways to keep that whispy hair look. Next

11. So you wanna be a model?

12. The World is Not Flat
If you've been digi scrapping for awhile you can appreciate the difference a good drop shadow can make. But drop shadows are for flat, layered objects to make it feel more like a paper scrapped page. What about those fun fantasy pages? How do you get those shadows to look realistic? Next

13.  Filter your Filters
I've used a few filters here and there with different techniques,but there are SOOO many filters, many of which you may wonder why you'd ever use. I'll show you a few things you can do with filters if your looking for some "different" ways to edit your photos. Next

14. Black and White and Red all over
Selective coloring is when you have a black & white picture with some color in places. Do you love it? I love it! It can really enhance an image. Or distract if done poorly. Next

15. Techni-Colorize Me
Lets's  take some older pictures that are already black and white and colorize them. Next

16. Swapping Faces 
Have you ever had a group photo taken? No matter how many you take you always have someone blink, or frown, or cleaning their teeth. . . . What if you could take the best photo and just swap out the face of the 1 or 2 people who blinked. Sweet right? Here we go! Next

Digi Scrap Tutorials

Now that you've got some enhanced pictures, it's time to work on your page. Here are some tutorials that can improve your technique!

1. Fonts and Word Arts
Remember, a bad title or font choice can RUIN what would have been an gorgeous page! So it is important to spend time making your title work and journaling awesome. Next

2. Text is Your Friend
Text in a shape This one will teach you how to make your text fit inside a custom shape, or how to get your text to follow a curve or other shape on your page. Since the curved/waved papers are all the rage right now, I thought this was a timely tutorial.

Applying a Paper to Your Text Okay, this one was written by me, but for last time. It is an excellent skill to know, and has a variety of helpful uses. You can also use the skills from this tutorial to cut a block of text into a shape.
3. Blending
If you've already read through my "Blend it like you mean it" tutorial you'll know that there are different blend modes that give you different effects. The best blend mode to use will entirely depend on your picture and the paper you are blending it to. Next

4. Dogde and Burn
So what is the burn and dodge tool good for anyway's? Well, if you ever need to lighten or darken something to add depth, darken colors, or add some other sort of attribute to an image or design, the burn and dodge tools can very well be your best friends. Next

5. Composition
We all learned about having good composition in your LO's. Then we learned about blending and extracting. Now I want to teach you about still maintaining good composition with them! Next

6. LO Placement
Let's get started with Layout placement. There and many different way you can place the items on you LO! Next

7. Clustering
Do you want to learn how to cluster! If you need the basics on how to make a LO (layout) - Please look at Jen's Tutorial on the Basics. Next

8. Making Realistic Shadow
I had a question how to make realistic shadows, and I ended up writing quite a bit about it.. so I thought I would share it here. Next

9. Create an "Out of Bounds" effect
OOB = Out Of Bounds, when a picture gets out of the frame.