Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project 365 : Week 6, 7 & 8

Can't believe I forgot to upload my weekly projects 3 in a rows. I'm so absent-minded :). I guess, I've been so overwhelmed by my CT jobs, I lost track of my personal layouts. I'm sure I've uploaded them, but ... only to my Facebook account! Better late than never.... All the layouts here used Ginger Scraps products.

 Kit : Huggable by Marie H Design & Paper : Colors of My Life - Green by Jen Yurko

Kit : kombinasi produk Ginger Scraps dari Marie H Designs, Inspired Designs, ConniePrince, Laura Marie Scraps & PictureDesigns.

Kit : Now Showing by Luv Ewe Designs, Colors of My Life by Inspired Designs, Totally Teal by Connie Prince. 
All available at Ginger Scraps.

Marie H Designs : You are a Gem - June & Loads of Templates (released on 24 Feb 2012)

Hi all! Marie has released her newest gem series : You Are a Gem - June at her store. If you'd like to see all of her CT layouts, you can head to her blog here. This time the color theme is purple and because I don' have any photos that match, I just turn these photos of little Alyssa swimming into black and white.

She also has loads of templates available at her store! So, for you who are missing ideas for a layout and desperately need inspirational boost , these templates could be your savior :).

So this is it.... voila... here is my page:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Urban Fairy : Photo Treatment Actions

The Urban Fairy has widen her wings in digi-scrap world by releasing sets of useful Photo Treatments Actions. You won't believe how much time these actions will save your time to enhance your photos collection! I'm so amaze with the results... My photos look soooo professional :). Thanks a lot, Danielle... You can find all of her action works at Digiridoo Scraps. Action V1 and V2 are already at the store but the other 2 actions will be released on 24 Feb. So stay tune and snatch these actions soon!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tips and Tricks : The Daily Digi LINKS

I get loads of inspiration from the Daily Digi. Here are some links I found useful :

1. Pinterest for Scrapbookers
2. Fun with Fasteners

Swimming Girl

Another layout I made for Scrapbook-Bytes' Template challenge. I still used Siamese Studio's Love Birds and The Urban Fairy's Photo Treatments action V-2. I love how easy we can get 4 different Black and White just by clicking action button. I'm lovin it... Danielle, you're the best!

Oh yeah... as an addition to the action, I put a pink paper layer on top of the photo and reduce the opacity to get a bit of pink nuance on the photos underneath.

Here is my layout :

Saturday, February 18, 2012

PictureDesigns : lil'Boy Kit & The Urban Fairy : Photo Treatment Action Version 2

I used this lil`Boy Kit by PictureDesigns to experiment with Selective Colour technique. I needed a dark bakground to show off the photos, so I chose this kit. I've downoaded this kit last month but hasn't got any idea how to use it yet so... this is it! This time, I opted for more clean look and only used a little element. And I tried out a new shadowing technique using Edit > Transform > Warp to get the this look on the photo's shadow! Check it out....

This kit contains 13 papers and more than 60 elements plus unique Word Arts. The color scheme of the papers is so soft, with combination of pastel blue and brown. Even though this kit is clearly dedicated for boys, but you can use it for basically anything, like what I did here.

I was in the mood to try out The Urban Fairy's Photo Treatment Actions Volume 2 - Black & White. Danielle has created series of fantastic actions that really speed up your scrapping time. It's being tested now and will be released soon. So stay tune, scrappers!  I'm so grateful that I sent her my CT applying email back then :). She is such a creative and productive designer! Here is the result of my experiment with her Black and White actions :

Friday, February 17, 2012

Marie H Designs : Spring Delights

I'm so happy that Marie is back! Yippee... Last month, she surprised me with her sudden retirement announcement. She said she has difficult family problems and had lost her desire to design completely... But, eventually she managed to overcome those issues and decided to come back. Good news! I've missed her kits already because usually I could create 4-6 layouts a month. I've never missed her new release so far.... :)

This kit is called Spring Delight and has been chosen by DigiScrapAddicts to be included in The Fix. With only $3 you can grab 4 products from 4 different designers. What a bargain, right? The only downside is there are no preview on the products so you wouldn't know what inside the kits until after you downloaded them. Hmmm, tricky... like releasing a cat from a bag, perhaps? Marie said this kit will also hit her stores a month after it's releasing day on 15 February at DSA.

Here is my page using the kit :

And this is the complete preview of The Fix :

Thursday, February 16, 2012

All About Me

May wrote on Siamese Studio's forum:

I've planned long long time ago that I want to make a page especially for the Sumalees on my blog to introduce my super duper gorgeous CTs to the world. (hey, you are all talented ladies, and I'm so happy to have you with me). But, that page had never been finished.

I think it's time to get it done, right? So here's what I would like each of you to do.

1. Scrap a page about yourself using any of my kits. You can mix and match the kits, but you'll have to add these to your layout :
- your name, either real name or your username or both
- a little about yourself, like what you like etc...
- a picture of yourself, if you are too shy to show your face. So may be take a part of the face like only the eye(s), or a silhouette, etc.
- Save your layout as .JPG format, size 1000 x 1000 pixels.

2. Links to your...
- blog
- your best gallery, and your FPD gallery
- facebook
- twitter
I'll post only your blog and links to the gallery but would like to have your FB and twitter for myself (if I don't have yours yet).

I've just started become her CT since early January, that's why I only have a little collection of her kits, probably only 2 or 3 & none of them excites me enough to create a page about me. At first, I wanted to make a green or yellow page, because those are my favorite color, but none of her kits had that color scheme. They are mostly pink and brown. So, after some long thought and battle against my pink phobia... I decided to work with her latest kit, Love Birds. Here it is :

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mélie Designs : Noveau beige (released on 13 Feb 2012)

First, to celebrate Valentine Digital-Crea is having a sale from Feb 13 - 15. Mélie Designs participates on this sale and you can grab her beautiful products here.

Next, Mélie Designs also released her new Valentine themed mini kit. Look at this kit! Don't you just love the color? Soft beige with colorful flower clustering around the heart frames. So adorable....

Douceur Vintage is a Valentine mini kit from Mélie Designs with the tone of beige and pink. It contains 4 paper and 24 elements.

I instantly felt in love with the wooden heart frame and decided to create a page dedicated to my 3 kiddos' baby photos. Do they look alike? Yes, of course, they have the same genes :). I also put flower clusters around the frames to soften the rough wooden effect. Last touch... blended image of the 3 of them as a background. Love this.... :)

Siamese Studio : Love Birds - February G-A-B for Scrapbook-Bytes

Our lovely May from Siamese Studio just released 5 sets of beautiful Valentine themed mini kits named Love Birds for February Grab A Byte at Scrapbook-Bytes.

The first is Love Birds Elements with more than 50 elements included inside. Next is Love Birds Papers with 10 solid and patterned papers. You can also find 4 beautiful design of ready made stacked papers in Love Birds Stacked Papers collection. If you like unique clustered frame and lovely borders, you should check Love Birds Clustered Frames and Love Birds Borders.

All of this kits are just $1 from Feb 13 - 19! What a deal... so what are you waiting for? Head to Scrapbook-Bytes and snatch them while they last...

I use these kit to complete Topsy Turvy Template challenge at Scrapbook-Bytes. The template for this month by Connie Prince is packed with different shapes, making it a bit tricky to work on. But, I like the final result...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

OKC Because of You by Aneckzaw

Look at this layout! What a romantic paper, right? And I found matching photos of Alyssa and her two best friends while they were playing ducks on school assembly when they were just 3 years old. Adorable!

I found this kit in OKC thread at DST. The kit is Because of You by Anezcka W Designs (Ania). It contains 42 elements and 6 papers and currently sold at Digidesignresort . The wings and butterfly elements are just so pretty I felt that I just had to work with this kit. And luckily Ania agreed to send me back the link for her kit. Thank you...

At first, I wanted to use the wings to create Acha's wings as a fairy. But after looking at Alyssa duck's photos I changed my mind and I thought the result is quite cute!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Challenge : Template, Desktop and Signature challenges at GS

I just love this Huggables kit by Marie H Design so much, I used it on 3 challenges at once. The alpha is just so cute and girly! These are my layouts for Template challenge, Desktop challenge and Signature challenge at Ginger Scraps :

Friday, February 10, 2012

Collab of Siamese Studio and The Urban Fairy : Heart Beat (released on 10 Feb 2012)

February is the month of love and of course most digital scrapbooking kits celebrate this occasion with LOVE themes. Heart, flowers (especially red roses), and pink elements dominate the look of many of Valentine kits. Our lovely May from Siamese Studio had collaborated with Danielle from The Urban Fairy to create this gorgeous love theme kit called Heart Beat. Look at the color pallet.. pink, beige, purple and a pinch of green... really Valentine, right? You can grab this kit at ScrapMatters and Digiridoo Scraps.

Let Cupid take you away with this beautiful collab kit from Siamese Studio and The Urban Fairy. Surround yourself with elegance and beauty as you enter a world of eternal love. Here, rich tones of pink and purple fill every corner. Filled to the brim with flowers, glitter, and swirls of all kinds, this kit is perfect for scrapping all your loved ones, from young to old.

You will find:
- 20 plain and patterned papers; 12 x 12
- 55 elements (plus 13 pre-shadowed elements) including: one doodle, six fabric flowers, one rose bouquet, one flower decoration, one ricrac, three eyelet lace (in three colors), one sequin, one bead, one bow, five buttons, two paints, one foliage, one vine, one screw, one painted decoration, three wordarts, one painted frame, one silver frame, one paper frame, one jewel frame, two resin frames, two journals, two resin roses, one border overlay, one leaf, one worn tag, six ribbons (two different ribbons in three colors each), one scattered heart gems, two vintage rose chipboard, two vintage cupid chipboard.

I just love the pink background so much, I feel the urge to show it off a bit more. How? By erasing the space in the middle of the metal heart and 2 papers beneath it, automatically showing off the patterned pink background. What do you think of it?

I used Alyssa's photos when she was just 2 years old, dressed in golden Chinese traditional costume. The color of the dress matches the frame very well, isn't it? For the last touch, I can't resist to put blended image of Alyssa behind the 2 frames... I just love blending :). And the scattered hearts are so cute against the beige background.... I hope my clustering technique is getting better now. I always having trouble to decide which element goes well with others in a cluster, and resizing them to make the cluster more real even makes the whole process more confusing. But I love trying out different type of shadow on the cluster's elements. It's fun....

And, since I've recently been accepted as Danielle's CT (The Urban Fairy), I made an extra layout with her part of this kit. Here it is :

Wilma4Ever : GJ-Kit Baby Arrives Blue by Galerie de Jackie

I'm on the mood for scrapping my son's baby boy's photos. I noticed that Jackie has a fantastic super cute baby boy kit. So , I asked her if I could put my hands on it and play around. And she said yes... hooray... Love you Jackie :).

Look at this Kitbabyarrives_Blue! Isn't it marvellous? In here you can find 3 poser ©SINFUL MINDZ,
91 beautiful element, and 7 papers. Currently it is on 70% sale off for only $1.35. Come on and grab it here! There are plenty of cute elements in this kit : moon & splash of stars to create a mystique background, or window, door, shelf and rocking chair if you prefer to have a nursery room scene plus cute baby toys to equip it!

Here are 2 layouts I made with this kit :

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project 365 : Week 5 - February 2012

Wow, it's February already... I can't believe it! It seems like I just blink and the month has changed... January is a struggling month with me and Acha being sick at the same time. I truly hope February will give me a promising new beginning :). This is my week 5 layout using Color of My Life : Date Set by Inspired Designs & Colors of My Life - Green by Jen Yurko available at Ginger Scraps:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 February Challenges : What's on the Menu at SDD, Font at GS & Word Play at SBB

Last month I missed the January What's on the Menu challenge because I was sick the entire last half month. So, this month I wouldn't want to miss it again. I love this challenge because you could never guess what you have to scrap just by seeing the menu. It's kinda like buying cat in a hat... a mysterious ingredients you only find out once you ordered something. It's exciting...!

This time I chose to orderered : Nachos, BLT and Sprite. And Yvonne, the hostess, sent me "the translation" a few days ago :
Nachos - I would like you to scrap about a date that you went on with your spouse, boyfriend or significant other.
BLT - You must use 2 different alpha in your title,
2 different flowers
2 fasteners
4 different papers, with the top paper at an angle
1 font.
Sprite - 3 photos lined up in any direction on your layout.

OK, I have to put my thinking hat first to look for ideas.... And after some deep thinking, voila... I decided to use my China trip photos in 2010 with my dear husband. Yesterday, with my $5 Gift Certificate I won from Ginger Scraps LOTW, I bought this kit called Colors of My Life - Green from Jen Yurko. There was a $1 sale on all Buffet Menu from 1-7 Feb 2012, so I could bought 5 different mini kits all together. What a bargain! I intended this kit for my 365/52 Project, but since the color tone matched the photos, I could't resist to try my hands on it. Wonderful papers and elements... love it...

I seldom use more that 3 papers on my layout, but since the requirement said so, I just stack papers with the upper one on an angle. Not a bad arrangement, huh...? I personally love the alpha combination for the tittle. So cute... loving it! As for the font, I used Pea Christen for the title and Veteran Typewriter for the journaling.

Guess what? I submitted it again for Font challenge at Ginger Scraps by changing the journaling font into Travelling Typewriter and for Word Play challenge at Scrapbook-Bytes by changing the title "adventure" into "perfect day". Yippee....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Challenges Combination

Whenever I could, I like to combine challenges in different forums. I feel the satisfaction of creating only a layout to fulfill as many requirements in different challenges as possible. Like this one project for example, I started with the Previous Month Daily Download challenge with kit from Ginger Scraps by LauraMarie Scrapped caled New Day.

Then, I turned to Cardinal's Mega Mix Up challenge at Scrappity-Doo-Dah, in which I have to lift other participant's layout above me. I chose to lift a layout from Aulia's gallery because her collections are all simple yet beautiful. This layout called Sweet Love is the one I picked. I personally very rarely to create clean style layout like this, mine is usually packed with loads of elements with very little white space. But, I tried to do something different this time.

At last, I need font to do the title and journaling, right? So, I went to Scrapbook-Bytes to see the Font challenge. And I love the choice of the font with the name of Old Press (available at Dafont.com).

So, with combination of a kit, a layout to scraplift and a font from 3 challenges, I managed to finish this layout. Voila...what do you think? I used picture of me, Adin, Alyssa and their daddy (minus Acha, she was to small to tag along) while we were at Freed Family Gathering event. I loved the big lovely white swing we found in Tree House Cafe, when we stopped by for lunch. The decoration of this cafe is so sweet and romantic, I even signed up for membership there!

Friday, February 3, 2012

OKC Heart of Boy by Scrap of Angel

Once again, the minute I laid eyes on this kit at DST OKC thread, I fell in love with it and impulsively sent PM to the designer, Angelique. I was aiming to use this adorable picture of 5 months old baby Adin and I loved how the layout turned out to be. He was so cute.... I can't believe that he is 10 now... Time sure flies :)

This lovely white kit is called Heart of Boy by Scrapofangel available at Angels Scrap Shop. It contains 15 paper and 118 elements. Wow, so many pretty elements to choose from.... Believe me, this kit is just perfect to scrap your little baby boy pictures. Love it....

Mélie Designs : Romantic day

To welcome Valentine, Mélie Designs just re-launched a pretty kit with LOVE theme called Romantic Day available at Digital-Crea. This kit contains 10 papers and 94 beautiful elements. My favorite elements from this kit are a couple of cute mice which remind me of a sweet Valentine story.

The boy mouse adored the girl mouse very dearly. But, the competition was quite fierce because the girl was said to be the prettiest mouse in the neighborhood. The boy tried to search for the most perfect gift for Valentine day. He ended up carving an apple with the shape of heart by eating it up until he was too full, and gave it to the girl. So sweet...

Here is the layout inspired by the story and by the song My Funny Valentine :

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project 365 : Week 3 & 4 - January 2012

I was a bit behind on this week 3 and 4 because I was sick with Dengue Fever and had to be hospitalized. This is my first time (apart from having 3 babies) that I have to spent 5 days in hospital. Certainly not an amusing experience, I tell you...

For WEEK 3, I used Marie H Designs' kit called Country Girls. This kit is so versatile for scrapping my girls pictures plus my almost 2 years old adorable niece, Salma, who has gone back to her hometown... miss you little rascal!

As for WEEK 4, I decided to preserve my 5 miserable days at hospital using January paper from Life Happened from Kathy Winters and once again kit from LauraMarie Scraps named Life Happens. I was hospitalized from Chinese New Year on Monday (what a great way to celebrate a new beginning, huh?) until Friday due to my low count of thrombosit in my blood (only 54 thousand from the normal 150 thousand).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TBI Digi-Scrap Challenges

Wah, ternyata teman-teman di kantor semangat mencoba digi-scrap. So, kita mengadakan challenge kecil-kecilan setiap minggu. Dan inilah hasil layout perdananya, temanya : MY FAMILY.

Layout Aulia

Layout Jeanny 

Layout Mulia 

Layout Puti

Layout Risti

Nah, kalo yang di bawah ini challenge no 2 : ME and MY FRIEND

Layout Aulia

Layout Puti

Layout Risti

Ayo semuanya, tetap semangat digi-scrapping ya....!