Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tell Your Story Every Day

May - Siamese Studio has posted a link to Tell Your Story Every Day in her forum, and the content really inspired me. Let me quote some of the content written by Nicole Seitler here :

You see, I’ve been around long enough to notice that there is an epidemic the digital scrapbooking world…

While all digital scrapbookers passionately love this great hobby of ours, only a small number of people are actually scrapbooking.

And even fewer are printing out their pages and making them into books.

Digital scrapbooking was a dream come true for many people who discovered that they were frustrated with their ability to record their special memories using paper, scissors and glue. Paper scrapbooking can be a difficult art to master! You’re dealing with real world product that you can ruin and destroy.

In digital scrapbooking, we all know that there’s nothing quite as wonderful as using CTRL + Z to undo something!

In paper scrapbooking, you could spend three hours moving around two photos and a journaling card… and still not like the way things look.

Digital scrapbooking gives you the tools to easily alter photos and elements.

Don’t like the color of something? You can change it. Don’t like the size? You can change it. Want to use something more than once? There is freedom in digital scrapbooking!

But here is our downfall :

It is too easy to focus on the beauty in digital scrapbooking and forget what scrapbooking is all about!

Over the years, I have seen countless layouts created that are full of intricate layers and clusters with gorgeous photographs… but no journaling in sight. Heck, I’ve even done this myself.

Theses pages have no story to tell. They are just a couple of decorated photographs.

And more recently, I have heard a number of people say that they have made dozens and dozens of pages but they have never printed them. This saddens me even more!

No one can touch them. No one can read them. I wonder, are these people just praying that their backups never fail them?! Sigh.

The key thing we have forgotten is that the goal of scrapbooking is to be recording our most precious memories, telling our stories, writing it all down while these things are still fresh in our minds!

Pictures are beautiful things. Scrapbookers love the art of photography. But, I’m sorry, most photos are not worth 1,000 words—photographs cannot speak for themselves. If you were given a photograph of your great-grandmother as a child, what would you know about it by just looking at it? Where was it taken? Why was it taken? Is there a story behind this or that little detail? Wouldn’t you want someone there to tell you all about it?

As a memory keeper, this is where YOU come in. That is your role!

Owww... this is like a slap to my face! Lately I've been so carried away with my CT jobs and focused only to the lovely kits with gorgeous elements that I kind of neglecting the journaling. Yet the jurnaling it the most vital part of a page, after the photos of course. Hmmm, if this happens to you too, I guess this New Year is a perfect time to change. You can join Nicole to start telling your story everyday here.

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