Thursday, January 12, 2012

Siamese Studio : Buttercup - January G-A-B for Scrapbook-Bytes

These are the newest kits from May - Siamese Studio. The moment I saw it, I knew have to re-do my Bee Princess page featuring Arumi (my niece) with it. I practiced my shadowing technique in here, varying different arrangement on Distance, Spread and Size. I'm quite pleased with the end result...

These 3 mini kits are currently released at Scrapbook-Bytes and will be on sale for $1.00 each for one week during the G-A-B week (01/09/2012 - 01/16/2012). G-A-B, or Grab-A-Byte, is a monthly collaboration of Scrapbook-Bytes' designers using one color swatch. The result is a gorgeous mix and match option for the customers. The separate portions are never priced over $2.00 for the
first week only! After the first week they are repackaged and sold as a kit, sets, etc. and back to regular price! This month, Siamese Studio participates in G-A-B by creating 3 lovely kits : Buttercup Clusters,  Buttercup Elements and Buttercup Papers.

Take a break from your cares and escape to the fairy garden with me. Bask in the peace all around you as you surround your cherished photos with just the right amount of serenity and enchantment. The delicate yellows and soft blues are perfect for enhancing your most precious moments while the little touches of sparkle bring elegant whimsy and magic to your everyday moments. Floral embellishments and a hint of feminine charm make this kit perfect for scrapping fantasy pages, all the biggest events in a little girl's life, and all the moments in between.

Included in Buttercup Cluster are:
- 4 pre-shadowed clustered frames.

Included in Buttercup Elements are:
- more than 40 elements including one bee, one bow in three colors (yellow,ivory, grey), two different buttons (both comes in two colors each, four in total), one ivory doily, one doily stamp, one fairy, one felt bird, one yellow flower spill, one yellow buttercup fabric flower, one ivory fabric flower, two silk flowers with diamond stem (brown, yellow), one foliage, one round plastic frame in two colors (ivory, yellow), one round paper frame in two colors, (brown, ivory), one glitter paint, one jewel flower on stem, one journal, one pearlstring, one resin bit in two colors (yellow, green), one curly ribbon in three colors ( yellow, brown, green), one straight ribbon in two colors (yellow, green), one ricrac in three colors (yellow, green, ivory), one tage, one sparkles, one window frame, three wordarts.

Included in Buttercup Papers are:
- 10 solid and patterned papers; 12 x 12

You can get them at Scrapbook-Bytes now. So grab them while they're still on sale!

I also use my layout with these kits to join January 2012 G-A-B Challenge. I feel the leafy background is a little overwhelming for my taste, but I tried my best to make it work. So, this is the final look! Here you go....


  1. She is so cutttttttttttttttttte !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Jackie... How many kids do you have?