Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 : Week 1 - January 2012

I've decided to begin Project 365 this year. Every day, I am going to take photos of my day and scrap it every week. Why Project 365?  I want to commit for something bigger this year. The idea of having to scrap 365 days of our life seems to be overwhelming for me at first, but I've set my heart to do it. I want to really start keeping my family's memories, not just make layout whenever I have the mood for it.

Also, since my husband spent his time working mostly in different city making him misses the children so much all the time, I hope this project could be his means to peek to their daily life. Every Monday, I intend to upload a new page on Facebook, so he would have something exciting to look for every week :).

I know, I suppose to keep the page simple. But, when I saw this gorgeous collab kit by Marie H Design called Faith in Every Foot Steps, I can't resist to begin this project with one of the paper.This kit contains 24 papers (7 plain papers, 17 textured papers), 1 overlay, 1 quickpage, 90 elements, 10 wordbits, 2 poems, 1 big map and 2 trail markers. All the papers are 3600 x 3600 @ 300 dpp saved in jpeg and the elements are @ 300 dpp saved in png. It includes : flowers, frames, ribbons, strings, woods, grass, mountains, trek gear, spoons, barrels, buckets, quilt, hand cart, ox, fabric scrap, fences, wood table, flour, wagon, lamp, camp fire, horse shoes, lace, stitch frame, wheel, wire, etc.

English Translation :
01/01. The kids cooked instant noddle together, plus Acha learned how to make tea herself.
02/01. Adin baked Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding. Yummy!
03/01. Back to teach at TBI! One student only? Apparently they were still on holoday. So, we just played Pictureka cards. OMG, I lost the instruction? While searching in the internet, I found this threa :" Help! My kid threw away the instruction for Pictureka!" Hahaha... same here...
04/01. Taught 3 classes today, pretty exhausted.... Spent teh night watching for Alyssa's Ugly Duckling assembly on DVD. Alyssa massaged e and Acha tucked me in to bed with blanket. Acha also told me bed time stories about a dragon that brned Princess Alyssa and Prince Adin. You two are so sweet, girls :)
05/01. Acha practised writing, First, she wrote : Acha is funny. Then, Bunda (mommy)  is funny. Then, Ayah (daddy) is kind. Then, Adin likes cooking. Last, Alyssa is always angry... Hahaha...
06/01. We went to Crayon to buy beads for making bracelet and necklace. Saw some gorgeous miniature of vegetable and fruit stalls made from clay. Bought Agri-Doll which can grow grass hair on their head if we water them everyday.
07/01. Alyssa learned digi-scrap with Photoshop CS5. Her first project was about her outbound adventure 2 weeks ago. You rock, girl! She even wanted to learned extraction this time. Next, she wants to learn how to change eyes' color.