Friday, September 14, 2012

Siamese Studio : Reflection of Love

How about scrapping something different? Like a story of the kids sleeping styles! I'm totally up for it! I used a mini kit by Siamese Studio because I like the color combination so much...

This is the description of her lovely kit : Her friends said young love was the best but she didn’t believe that. Somehow she had always known that true love – the lasting kind- was the type that weathered storms and came out reborn into something stronger and more vibrant, something fresh and almost new but in the very best way of being familiar. It was the type of love she saw reflected on the faces of those who seemed to have lost everything but each other or on those faces imprinted with the years. Those reflections of love made her sure in what she wanted and she was willing to wait for it. Record your reflections of love, all about me thoughts or friendships with these fresh, revitalizing papers and ellies from Siamese Studio. Included are: 22 unique elements, a total of 42, 8 solid and patterned papers; 12 x 12.

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