Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yaay... I'm Guest CT at Ginger Scraps!

Last January, after I just recovered from Dengue Fever, Marie H emailed me to offer me Guest CT position at Ginger Scraps. Wow, I'm so honoured! But, unfortunately, I must declined it since I'm still in recovery mode and my daughter was sick too at the same time... hiks. Good news is, Shannon -the site manager- let me postponed until March. So... last week, Jen from GS emailed me to explain all the detail and here I am.... a Guest CT for GingerScrap! This is gonna be a super busy but exciting month for me!

As soon as I get permission to access the private Ginger Scraps forum, I quickly poked around and instantly got overwhelmed with the amount and type of threads there. Ups, hopefully I can manage to do this for a month :).

My first project is March Daily Download kit by Ginger, the owner herself. I can;t reveal the name of the kit yet or even the preview, but I can  show you all my layout. This kit is so different with any other kits I've played with. It is very masculine and a has a dark look that I thought would really be perfect to scrap pages for the men in your life. Without further ado... here is my page using the image of my dear husband now and ten years ago. To tell you the truth, I rarely scrap page about him, mostly because I couldn't find kits that match his personality. But, this time I couldn't say no again.... :). If you like the look of this kit, you can grab it daily at Ginger Scraps blog here. Hurry, the link only opens for 5 days...!

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