Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ginger Scraps : It's My Birthday QP by Connie Prince

Happy Birthday Ami! These layouts are special order from Bunda Meiti. I made them using Connie Prince's It's My Birthday QP. Tamara (aka scrapper@heart) made these template and I first saw it on her gorgeous DST gallery (she's my favorite scrapper so far!). Whenever I'm on desperate need of inspiration I always peek her gallery there...

Ami's birthday was celebrated twice. At school and at Ciwulan. It was a joy to see her surrounded by teachers and friends. You would guess that she would put on happy face the whole time. But, no! She was so cool. It was not that she was not excited or anything, she might just felt a bit nervous having to stand up in front of her bigger friends :). At the end, she loosened up a bit and I managed to take some great pictures! Here are the layouts :


  1. Your pages look amazing :) I loved seeing all of the beautiful photos of the celebration!

  2. Thanks Connie... what a surprise to get a comment from you :). BTW, I really like your March P366 Grab Bag. Can't wait to do my Week 11 with it!