Friday, March 2, 2012

Marie H Designs : My Reading Room (released on 1 March 2012)

For $1 Bake Sale from March 1-5 at Ginger Scraps, a bunch of designers has released series of mini kits called Reading Room. Marie H Designs also participates with these 4 new minikits. She's got Reading Room Templates, Elements, Embosed Papers and Patterned Papers.

I just adore the color theme! Yellow, blue and green... Looking at all the gorgeous mini kits make me super excited to play around :).

I particularly like these embosed papers. They are so elegant and easy to combine with anything. But this time, I tried to take more risky move using a bold patterned paper as a background. Something I rarely did.

I've always wanted to tell the story of Adin's first book, Serigala and 7 Anak Kambing, but hasn;t found the right kit yet. That was the first milestone that helped shape him into a book worm now.

When he was little, he really liked me telling him bed time stories. Until now, sometime he and his sisters still do this routine. But mostly he reasd loads of Enid Blyton's books by himself (same as me when I was his age). Like mother like son.... :)

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