Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project 365 : Week 3 & 4 - January 2012

I was a bit behind on this week 3 and 4 because I was sick with Dengue Fever and had to be hospitalized. This is my first time (apart from having 3 babies) that I have to spent 5 days in hospital. Certainly not an amusing experience, I tell you...

For WEEK 3, I used Marie H Designs' kit called Country Girls. This kit is so versatile for scrapping my girls pictures plus my almost 2 years old adorable niece, Salma, who has gone back to her hometown... miss you little rascal!

As for WEEK 4, I decided to preserve my 5 miserable days at hospital using January paper from Life Happened from Kathy Winters and once again kit from LauraMarie Scraps named Life Happens. I was hospitalized from Chinese New Year on Monday (what a great way to celebrate a new beginning, huh?) until Friday due to my low count of thrombosit in my blood (only 54 thousand from the normal 150 thousand).

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