Thursday, February 16, 2012

All About Me

May wrote on Siamese Studio's forum:

I've planned long long time ago that I want to make a page especially for the Sumalees on my blog to introduce my super duper gorgeous CTs to the world. (hey, you are all talented ladies, and I'm so happy to have you with me). But, that page had never been finished.

I think it's time to get it done, right? So here's what I would like each of you to do.

1. Scrap a page about yourself using any of my kits. You can mix and match the kits, but you'll have to add these to your layout :
- your name, either real name or your username or both
- a little about yourself, like what you like etc...
- a picture of yourself, if you are too shy to show your face. So may be take a part of the face like only the eye(s), or a silhouette, etc.
- Save your layout as .JPG format, size 1000 x 1000 pixels.

2. Links to your...
- blog
- your best gallery, and your FPD gallery
- facebook
- twitter
I'll post only your blog and links to the gallery but would like to have your FB and twitter for myself (if I don't have yours yet).

I've just started become her CT since early January, that's why I only have a little collection of her kits, probably only 2 or 3 & none of them excites me enough to create a page about me. At first, I wanted to make a green or yellow page, because those are my favorite color, but none of her kits had that color scheme. They are mostly pink and brown. So, after some long thought and battle against my pink phobia... I decided to work with her latest kit, Love Birds. Here it is :

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