Thursday, October 6, 2011

In the Beginning

My scrapbooking passion began on the beginning of August 2011. It's kinda late... yeah, but better late than absolutely never ^_^. It was just like any other day, when I in-enthusiastically checking my Facebook. I read an interesting status from one of my friend : Klub Oase. Klub Oase is a club for homeschooling kids to meet and study together.

It is said that Klub Oase was hosting a extraordinary challenge called "Tantangan 3 Hari Klub Oase" (30 Days Klub Oase CHALLENGE)".

Basically, Klub Oase challenged all parents to take pictures of their kids' activities for 30 days (from 1-30 August 2011)and put them together into a scrapbook. I saw some of the participants work and was so eager to join. Even though I knew absolutely nothing about digital scrapbooking but I was willing to start learning from a scratch. Fortunately, Lala was kind enough to share some of her experience in the scrap-booking world here. Her website was like the first station where I started my journey. Thanks, mbak Lala...

Then, I started browsing Shabby Princes and downloaded ALL of the scrapbooking free kits graciously provided there. I also found their tutorial sections were very useful since they had a video on how to start scrap-booking using several different software like Photoshop and Photoshop Element. I chose Photoshop because I was familiar working with it a time ago...

One set of freebie kit usually contains Paper, Embellishment, Alpha, and Cluster/Bragbook. There are more than 20 freebies that can be downloaded and used in combination. This website is also connected with the Shop and Blog where we can browse for more information about scrapbooking.

Next destination is to arm myself with a bunch of cute and breathtaking fonts. I was told by one of the designer in Trick and Trick section of ShabbyShoppe that dingbats are quite useful to be used as elements by changing them into stickers. Wow, I thought this is a good idea to save money!

For more freebies, Lala's status in Facebook directed me to The Blog Train Blog where 100 designers contributes every month by giving out freebies. Yippee...

Here, I discovered my most favourite designer : Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage (because she gives all her works for FREE.... Brenda, I love u). Her collection of scrapbooking kits are amazing. She designs papers and elements from various theme such as Wedding, Pirates, Oriental, Chrismast, Halloween, Military, Sea Creatures (my favourite),
Other favourites of mine are :
1. Feli Designs (I just love the blending techniques she used in many of her scrap works to turn a face into part of the paper background ).
2. The Brown Owl (I love the Picnic and Fairy kit)
3. The Urban Fairy
And, what makes me proud is among those 100 designers there are some Indonesian designers : Studio Q, MetaWulandariDesign and Rieka Rafita

I wish, in the future I could be another scrapbooking designer from Indonesia which works that represent Indonesian cultures such as Batik, Wayang, Bali, etc.... Someday... I have my fingers cross ^_^.

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