Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wilma4Ever : Unicorn Fantasy

This is another fantastic kit by Wilma4ever. You can get it here for only $3, since November is the store's 2nd birthday. So, grab it while it still last...

Wilma said, "This kit is made when I got a special request from one of my customers, she wanted to have something with Unicorns. Also she liked the blue and here is the result!"

This kit turned out in 22 papers and 100 elements, I think it can be used for any kind of scrapbooking project. The elements in this kit are very various, so it's ideal to scrap photo's from your children, grandchildren, pet's,
but also wedding photo's etc will showed up great with this kit.

There are a lot of flowers, sparkle's, clusters, frames, landscene's and other elements like a house, an umbrella, a barrel, a seesaw, benches, pearls, leaves, an elf, a fairy, a broom....just name it and it's in there!

And these are 2 pages that I made with this kit using Arumi's (my niece) bee pictures and Acha (my daughter) when she was only 1 year old at her auntie's wedding.


  1. ya ampun acha... lucu banget ya waktu kecil.. tapi udah gede juga tambah lucu.. plusssss... ini scrapbook georgeous buangeeettt... kapan yah aku nge-scrapbookin foto2 anakku lagi.. mesti beli kamera dulu neeeh, pada rusak di rumah.. modalin donk *loh kok ada embel2nya???*

    -saras marisar-

  2. WOW! totally awesome miss!!!
    kereeeeeeeen bgt.. bener2 bagus bgt content-nya,
    sangat membantu untuk para pemula yg pengen bikin
    tetep eksis ya miss..
    gut luck ya miss ;)

  3. Hehehe... Mumu nyampe juga ke sini... Ayo aku mau tularin virus digi-scrappingnya biar di kantor kita bisa gosipan tentang kit2 baru... Thank u so much for your support. Keep visiting my blog :)