Sunday, November 6, 2011

DSD Weekend Deals in The Studio and Ginger Scraps

Wow, it's been a busy weekend... Why, because it's Digital Scrapbooking Day! This is the second year for DSD which is celebrated every first week of November. As I only join The Forum and Ginger Scraps so I concentrated myself to what they're throwing to celebrate DSD.

The Studio started a special DSD thread with 2 programs :

1. Scrap-Athlon which basically a series of Speed Scraps hosted by The Studio Designer. It is held from 3pm - 10pm EST, and every hour different designers will give links to their kit to be used on our design. The prize is November Thankful Mega collaboration kit by designers. I didn't join this because unfortunately the time was not good. 3 pm EST means 2 am WIB! I didn't want to wake up all night just to do Speed Scrap. More over, Sunday is Idul Adha so I have to wake up early for my prayer. So, I had to pass this one....

2. Granting Wishlist
What we have to do is just go to the SHOP and put our desirable kits into the wish list, then come back to the thread to sign up. I put a lot of stuff in my wish list and just now, I got an email like this :
Hi Nadia, one of your wishes has been granted, you can "buy" digilicious' kit Pickles and Icecream Kit. Just use this coupon code: WLe82cxxxx, expires: Nov 30th 2011.

I'm so happy... This is the second time I got coupon from The Studion. The first one was when I won The Studio LOTW 2 weeks ago...

I think, I'm gonna scrap my old pregnancy photos with this kit. It will be perfect....

Ginger Scraps threw more exciting programs. From 40% sale, challenges with prizes until various kind of Speed Scrap. Since Friday, I've been doing as many pages as possible, including my CT duties for Marie H Designs on her new DSD Grab Bag 4 Seasons I did earlier. I finished 3 LO's for Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. For the Spring season, I used it to finish Template Challenge this morning after finishing Speed Scrap with Marie.

Since yesterday, my eyes were glued to computer. Stand by the computer with opened FORUM window. Checking if out of nowhere designers post a thread. Most of them offer to grant a kit wishes by 3 lucky participants. So, all we have to do was to check their stores first and pick which kit we wished to have and then post it to the thread. The rest, just wait patietnly until .... if we're lucky, they would PM us to give out the winning new. I think, I've posted 4-5 thread since yesterday. Looking forward to winning some of it....

Other scrapbooking terms that I've just found out is RAK which stands for Random Act of Kindness given by designers. It's like giving 3 wishes, or discount coupon, or giving prize for wearing their blinkie.  

You know what, I've finished 5 pages today! 3 for challenges and 2 for speed scrap. Here are my pages today :

This one is for Speed and Scrap with Marie H (Kit : Country Boy by Marie H Design)

11.05.11 Speed Scraps with Marie H designs 9 PM Eastern time (Bandung time : 08.00 AM WIB the next day)

Step 1 : Take 2 papers of your choice. Take one for your background and cut a 10x6 in rectangle (3000 x 1800) to place it on the bottom half of your layout.
Step 2 : Frame or photomate your 2 photos on that you place on your smaller paper and that you overlap one over the other a bit.
Step 3 : Cluster 2 sides of your smaller paper with a minimum of 6 different elements. It can be only 2 half not full sides and you can duplicate them.
Step 4 : Place at least 1 ribbon and 2 elements around the photos.
Step 5 : Place a title with at least 1 word bigger than the other(s)

This one is for Speed and Scrap with Connie Prince (Papers and Buttons : Duckling Rain by Marie H, Frames and Elements : Sea Creatures by Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage Design)

This one is for Template Challenge (Kit : Spring Grab Bag by Marie H Design)

This one is for Recipe Challenge (Kit : Country Boy & Duckling Rain by Marie H Design)

This one is for Scraplift Challenge 
(Kit : Winter Grab Bag by Marie H Design, Bubbles : Duckling Rain by Marie H Designs)

Yippe.. I've got my wish granted  by Luv Ewe Designs :
Thanks for filling up your wish list!  Here is a code for you to grab "Now Showing!"  This code expires 11/13.  And the code is led_DSDxxxxxxx.  Thanks and have a great day!

It's a perfect kit to start doing New Batch challenge. I've been longing to re-do the Kungfu Panda movie lay out. And now I can....

And these two are my other pages for 2 last Speed Crap sessions :


Speed Scrap with Kathy Winter -- Sunday 1:00 pm EST

Step 1: Chose 2 background papers both solid to create a stacked background. But if you have the skills to blend, then blend a patterned and solid paper together as 1 of your papers for a unique affect. This can be accomplished with your eraser tool set as a brush and then "brushing" away sections of the solid paper to show the patterned paper placed beneath. You might want to experiment with different brushes so you don't erase away too much.

Step 2: Chose 1 or 2 photos and crop in a circle to create a photo cluster anywhere on your layout.

Step 3: Add 5 - 6 flowers to your cluster along with other living elements like animals, bugs, leaves. The more the merrier when it comes to a photo cluster to really make it eyepopping.

Step 4: Incorporate some string or winding ribbons through out your cluster.

Step 5: Incorporate some fasteners, like buttons, staples, tape, or brads anywhere on your layout.

Step 6: Use at least 1 alpha (not a font) to create a title for you layout.

Step 7: Shadow, date and add anything else you think your layout might need! That's it your done.

The layouts need to be posted in the thread by 1:00 PM EST on Monday to qualify for the coupon code. Everyone that completes the challenge will receive a PM on Monday afternoon with coupon code for $5.00 to her store.

11-6-11 Speed Scrap 10pm Eastern with Statements by Jodi

Step 1 : Choose 6 photos
Step 2 : Choose 3 background papers and place them however you like on your LO.
Step 3 : Cut your photos into 2 different shapes. Ex I have 4 cut in circles and 2 cut in squares.
Step 4 : Line your photos up going across the top of bottom, or down the left or right side.
Step 5 : Cluster under and around (even a little on top if you like) the photos.
Step 6 : Add one more cluster away from the photos and clustering around the photos. (I have mine in a corner.)
Step 7 : Add a title, journaling (even just a couple lines you don't have to go crazy with the journaling) and a date (I just have the year as my date).

We have an hour to finish up our LO and put it into the speed scrap gallery. The surprise prize is the template of her LO AND a $5 coupon to her store!

And for participating in all 4 Speed and Scrap events I've got presents!

This is the first email I got from Ginger Scraps :

I want to tell you first how happy I am to see all your amazing layouts and even if I was scared at first for my first Speed Scrap I can tell you that it won't be the last one.

You have all successfully turned out your layout so here is a coupon to grab your participation prize.

coupon : PPssxxxx
valid until Nov 30th

Have a great day !!


The next day, I got three more emails :

From Jodi : Thank you for playing with my last night!  I had fun.  You girls had me laughing so hard.  Here is your prize!  And I received a free template from her.

From Connie Prince : Thank you so much for participating in my DSD Speed Scrap!  Hopefully you had fun chatting & creating your layout :)

I've created a code for you to use in my store ($2 off) and you are welcome to use it on any order, no minimum purchase required.

My sale runs through 11/8 so if you shop now you should be able to get something free or super discounted!
expires: 11/14
Code:  SS-xxxx
$2 off any order

So, I use the coupon to buy this Monthly Paper titled It Happened This Year for $1,79.

From Kathy Winter :
Thank you so much for participating in my first ever speed scrap on Sunday.  I had a lot of fun chatting and getting to know you all.  :)  Here is the coupon code for your completed layout.

*kwd_SS#1xxxx*  expires 11.15.2011 

The code is good for $5.00 off in my store, which by the way is still at 40% off through today so you can get a little bang for your buck if you hurry.  Enjoy!

So, I chose these 2 lovely kit and finish off my coupon!
Plus, for finishing Recipe Challenge hosted by Kathy Winter, she sent me this :
Thank you for participating in this months challenge.  Great job on your layout. 

I've entered 2 Cookie Jar points and your coupon code for the Got Gratitude WA pack is below.

kwd_11RCxxxx  expires 12-15-2011

And because you completed your layout during DSD weekend, I have also forwarded your userid for the $40 coupon Grab Bag. :)


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