Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ginger Scraps NOVEMBER Challenges

As usual I joined GS Challenges. I followed some challenges :

1.   Inspiration November 1-15
This challenge is hosted by Marie. She said, " For the first part of the month I want you all to think about shapes.. photo shapes. We often use either round or squared photo but with all the shapes out there we tend to forget about them. So for this month challenge I want you all to try to create a layout with a photo or more that are from a shape other than circle or square."
And this is what I made : 
2.   November 1-15 Template Challenge
Crystal is hosting her first challenge at Ginger Scraps! She said "I don't know about you but I LOVE to cluster when I scrap. The more clustering the better! So...I have created a template for you with lots of clustering. I can't wait to see what you create with it!"
I haven't done this challenge, but next week I'll do it for sure. Wait for the posting here! 

3.   November 2011 - Technique Challenge
Laura here hosting for her first technique challenge. She said," I thought I would make this fun and super easy for everyone so I provided a mini-kit for you to use. Your challenge is to use all the pieces in this kit on your layout and post in our gallery! Be sure to post your layout/link in this thread so we can give you credit and leave you some sugar."
And this is what I created with her Spice kit : 
 4.   November 2011 Recipe Challenge
Rache said, "Welcome to the November Recipe Challenge. As we enter into the month of Novembers and the holiday season fast approaching, I thought it might be nice to add a small twist to your recipe this month. I'd like the theme of your layout to be something you are thankful for in your life. We recently experienced a loss in my family with the passing of my Father-In-Law and since it's the first death we've had to deal with in years, it just got me to thinking about how precious life is and how important it is to acknowledge the things you are thankful for on a regular basis. Not matter how big or how small.
In this challenge, you must include the following items in your layout. You are, of course, welcome to include more but your layout must follow the recipe.

Here’s the formula:
·         Layout theme is something you are thankful for
·         2 photos minimum
·         5 papers (2 solid and 3 patterned)
·         word "thankful" spelled out with an alpha
·         1 circle (can be clipped to a piece of paper or photo cropped in the shape)
·         3 flowers
·         2 leaves
·         1 ribbon and 1 string
·         1 fastener (staple, pin, tape, paperclip, etc.)

When you have completed your layout, please post it here along with a link to the gallery so that I may view your credits for proper cookie jar points.

75% or more GS products = 2 cookie jar entries
less than 75% GS products = 1 cookie jar entries

Everyone that participates in this challenge will receive a coupon to purchase the wordart pack Got Gratitude for free."
Wow, I really want to get the freebies, so I'll work and it for sure.....

5. November Makeover Challenge
Rachel is hosting this challenge and she said "If you want to play along pick out an older layout that your not really in love with and give it a make over use a new kit, or style, add more photos, remove photos, the change is up to you i can't wait to see your layouts!!"

I haven't done this yet....

6. November Scraplift
Jodi said, "I have been looking through kandiced's gallery and I love her style! So This month we are going to scraplift one of her LO's. You can scraplift any of her LO's in her gallery but I am going to give a few examples and if you want to use one of them feel free. "

I haven't done this yet.... But this is the LO that I want to work :

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