Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Favorite Layouts

Today, when I browsed through my layouts in Ginger Scraps galleries, I just realized that I have posted more than 350 layouts. Awesome….! From those layouts, I decided to choose some of my favorite layouts that best represent the different styles and techniques that I have experimented during the 2 years of digi scrapping. Here we go….

Word Arts
I have to confess that I am a Word Arts sucker. Believe it or not, whenever I see a preview for new kits, the first thing I look for is not the embellishments nor the papers, but the uniqueness of the word arts! I especially love beautifully written quotes that can personalize my layouts to express my feeling better. Don’t know why, but looking at variety of fonts and colors that creatively formed the word arts never fails to deliver a sense of joy through my vein, hahaha…

Multiple Photos
As a proud mom-tographer or mama-razzi, not a day passed without at least one camera shoot. Being a perfectionist with a passion for detail, taking more photos from every possible angles is definitely BETTER! As a result, I always end up with multiply photos that desperately needed to be fitted in one layout. It’s not an easy job to do that, particularly with a long journaling to squeeze in, but I managed to do so most of the time. Yay…

No Photos 
Have I experimented creating photo-less layouts? Yes of course…. even though they only count for about 1% of my whole collection, hahaha… I think the key to great photo-less layouts is powerful journaling decorated by meticulous clustering of elements to make up for the absent of photos.

Fantasy Style 
This style is perfect to nurture my obsession of fairy tales. My kids love to hear bed time stories featuring their own adventures where they are the princesses or fairies or even pirates! That’s why the first technique I learned when I started digi scrapping is how to do extraction properly so I can extract their images and put them in a fantasy background. It’s so much fun to add wings on Acha’s back and watch her turns into a fairy…. 

Before I studied the shadowing technique from Tamara Allen’s workshop, clustering real elements such as flowers, leaves and foliage was really an issue for me. I used to droll in front of other scrapper’s layouts, wondering what were their secrets to have their clustering looked so three dimensionally touchable! But now that I knew the tricks, clustering has become a bliss….

This technique is my favorite so far, merely because it is so simple yet capable to create a magnificent effect. I like to blend a super big photo to a solid background as an accent to fill it up without overcrowding the page. It’s really helpful to collect different type of brushes to blur the photo edge and enable it to blend seamlessly.


Paper Stacked/Cut Out 
It’s a shame not to show off the collection of different patterned and solid papers created by a designer in the kit. The challenge is how to combine them harmoniously through stacking or cut out technique. I must be honest to say that wood grain and newspaper background papers tend to be my favorite but it doesn’t mean that more brightly color papers aren’t welcome to spice my pages up.

Well, there you go... some of my most favorite layouts which I hope can inspire you whenever you feel like loosing your mojo and need fresh idea. Dare to try new things and you'll be surprise of what it will take you... :). Happy digi scrapping!

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