Monday, April 1, 2013

Alyssa's Grade 4 - Term 3 Leader's Conference

This term Alyssa studied Indonesian Culture in Social Study, Plant and Flower Structure in Science, Fraction in Math, etc. She went on a field trip to TMII and made a report about it. Moreover, she perform a puppet show about Indonesia traditional story called Telaga Warna in front of the first grader. For a final project, she created a video using Video Maker about Banten Province. It's awesome!

The display in her class at the Leader Conference was fantastic! A usual, there was a section about What I Know, What They Want to Know and What They Have Learned on this term's theme which is Indonesian culture. They were fabrics from places around Indonesia, drawing of Indonesian's traditional houses, hand made puppets from the assembly show featuring Papuan traditional story, miniature of houses, etc.

Credits : 
Template : Picture Perfect 18 by Aprilisa Designs
Kit : Adiluhung colab by Meta Wulandari Designs and Nan Designs, 
various other elements from many designers :)

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