Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tutorial : How to turn PHOTOS into PAINTINGS's super fast and easy :). The steps are :
  1. Duplicate the photo layer (Ctrl J). 
  2. Desaturate it to turn it into black and white (Ctr Shift U) & duplicate it again (Ctrl J). 
  3. Invert the upper layer (Ctrl I) and chang the blending mode into COLOR DODGE. 
  4. Go to FILTER > BLUR > GAUSSIAN BLUR  and set the RADIUS. 
  5. Double click the BG layer to free it and move it to the top. 
  6. Change the blending mode into LINEAR BURN and set the FILL into 90%. 
  7. You can use BURN tool too part of the photo you want to darken.
This is what I experimented using this tutorial. I'm amaze of how quick I change the photo into the painting. I always thought that it would take more complicated steps to reach this result. So happy.... :)

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